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Repatriation of human remains

Repatriation of remains is the transportation of a deceased person’s body back to their home country. When an individual dies abroad it is a very difficult time for the family, and the logistics of transporting their remains can often be overwhelming.

In an already challenging time, the logistics of transporting a body internationally is often a complex process, depending on the country in which the person has died.

TCB Group’s sister company TCB Repatriation specialises in this service. We work with funeral directors, insurance companies and international corporations to ensure the safe and stress-free repatriation of human remains.

TCB Repatriation has become the leading expert in repatriation of remains to Ireland and the UK.

Of course, there are countless practical difficulties in repatriating human remains. These include:

  • Navigating language barriers, 
  • Following local laws and procedures, 
  • Coordinating services in the country of origin,
  • Engaging funeral directors in the origin and destination countries,
  • Securing a death certificate,
  • Obtaining permission to repatriate the body,
  • Dealing with embassies and insurance providers, 
  • Organising timely and dignified transportation.

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Our Remains Repatriation Services

Our professional and experienced staff understand the difficulties in what is clearly a very difficult process for the family. Our aim is to make the remaining repatriation process as smooth, fast, and hassle free as possible.

We have a global network of partners, including bodies within origin, transit and destination countries. This allows us to provide an efficient and dignified service, which is totally tailored to the needs of the bereaved.

With the backing of our parent company TCB Group. We have established robust systems and administrative processes ensuring effective and efficient repatriation of remains outcomes.

At all stages during repatriation of mortal remains, our team is on hand to support bereaved families and friends. With extensive knowledge and experience of repatriation, we are well positioned to answer all queries and concerns in a respectful and professional manner.

The services we provide in repatriation include:

  • Preparation of the deceased for international transport,
  • Complete documentary service,
  • International transportation,
  • Flights,
  • Internal transfers in origin, transit and destination countries,
  • Customs brokerage,
  • Return of personal effects.

TCB Repatriation is accredited by the Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors (SAIF), the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD) and The World Organisation of Funeral Operatives (FIAT-IFTA).

TCB Repatriation work alongside various partners and have vast experience in this industry. With such an important and emotive endeavour, it is essential that every detail is accounted for, in order to prevent undue stress for the bereaved.

Our experience and resources position us as industry-leading repatriation experts, with an impeccable track record of delivering smooth, professional and dignified transportation.

Repatriation of Remains to Ireland and the UK

Through our highly skilled team we collaborate to problem-solve, manage and deliver positive outcomes even in the most difficult of times. To contact TCB Repatriation please email [email protected]

Your enquiry will be held with the utmost dignity and we are sensitive to every case.

As well as handling the practical details of bringing your loved one home, TCB Repatriation will offer support throughout the repatriation process, ensuring that all queries and concerns are answered fully, eliminating undue stress and pain.

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