Our Global Network

Over the years TCB Group has strategically developed a global network. As a shipping and logistic partner for many diverse businesses and organisations we believe that we have a good understanding of what our customers need.

Cost effective shipping solutions, 5* customer service, obsessive attention to detail and the ability to deliver, any time, any place or anywhere.

TCB Group’s hubs in Belfast, Dublin, Liverpool and Singapore gives us competitive advantage in key locations as our customers seek to trade and distribute through the UK, Europe, Asia, the Far East and the Pacific Region.

Part of our business strategy is focused on developing a global network of likeminded independent freight forwarders to provide unrivalled coverage for our customers – to every part of the globe by any mode of transport, quickly and price competitively.

Our Partners

International Freight Logistics Network
Neutral Air Partner
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Singapore Logistics Association
British International Freight Association (BIFA)

Alongside our strategic branch offices in Dublin, Liverpool, Singapore and Belfast our partnerships with the International Freight and Logistics Network (IFLN), Neutral Air Partner and M9 Logistics Network helps us bridge the gap to any market anywhere in the world.

Our global network is OUR global NETWORTH – the greater our coverage and service offering, the more accessible the world is for our customers and for you.

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