TCB Group began in Belfast in 2007 in Corporation Square. The company had first started offering freight forwarding services around freight management and warehousing. Modes of transport included air, sea and road and with strategic thinking these were often combined.

The company had then experienced excellent levels of growth over the years, with offices and warehouses being placed in Singapore and Liverpool. Followed shortly after with office space in Dublin.

Despite the expansion the company’s vision has always been customer focused, ensuring we deliver and excel on customer expectations. TCB Group is differentiated in the market by our ability to deliver exceptional service, attention to detail, knowledge sharing and collective experience within the industry.

TCB Group have very strategically placed its offices in unique positions around the UK & Ireland based in Belfast, Liverpool and Dublin. With the Brexit transition finally being approved at the beginning of 2021 the positioning proved most beneficial with the Dublin office becoming a huge asset in remaining within the EU market.

Our Liverpool office and warehouse space gives us continued access into the UK market and our Belfast space is the bridge between the two.

The freight forwarding services we offer across the UK & Ireland remain the same and the TCB Group team are still determined even in turbulent times to provide first class freight management in consolidation and freight forwarding via air, road and sea. Warehousing and the transport of hazardous goods.

TCB Groups priority has always been offering timely and cost-effective freight services, which fit your business operations, regardless of sector. TCB Group have over 13 years of experience in international and domestic freight forwarding solutions, transporting all kinds of goods by air, road and sea. We guarantee effective freight management solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

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