If this is your first time or if you are inexperienced in shipping cargo from Asia into the UK or Ireland, the processes and procedures involved along with the different international customs laws can make it all overwhelming. The current economic climate, BREXIT and the impact of the COVID pandemic have all added to what can be a complex area.

Many of our customers have shared those same concerns – whether they are importing furniture, foodstuffs, jewellery, clothing and textiles, as small entrepreneurs or growing businesses.

Thankfully, those concerns are relatively common and in most cases easily navigated.

What are you shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland?

The main shipping services offered by TCB Group are Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Freight. The service you choose will depend on your business needs, usually:

  • The size of product / products that you intend to ship
  • The frequency of shipping required
  • Your budget
  • Your deadline 

Shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland by Air

The benefits of shipping by air from Asia into the UK or Ireland – speed and frequency – are offset usually by cost as well as the restrictions which can be imposed through weight and size. Shipping jewellery from Thailand by air might make more commercial sense than shipping antique furniture from Japan – both are possible and both can be arranged easily by the operatives in our air freight department.

If you need to get something shipped quickly from Asia into the UK and have the budget to do so, then air freight makes perfect sense.

Shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland by Sea

Arguably the most cost effective method of shipping from Asia into the UK and Ireland, the sea freight industry has been beset by container availability issues and rising shipping costs.. That said, there are still a number of excellent options coming through the major Asian ports including Shanghai, Ningbo, Hong Kong and of course Singapore.

Shipping FCL (full containers) or LCL (part-loads) mean that you have options allowing you to make small one-off shipments as well as frequent multi-containers again depending on your business needs. Costs will vary depend on the size of shipment, if you ship FCL or LCL, when you make your booking and when you need it to arrive.

Currently our team of operatives organise and manage the shipping for a variety of customers from a range of different industry sectors – from multi-national engineering companies to people setting up side hustles in their garages.

Shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland by Road

Shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland by Road is possible but as you can appreciate, given the distance from China to Dublin (8,055km) as an example, the time taken would make the route prohibitive.

Typically a combination road and sea freight, or rail and air freight would provide a much better solution. It is a combined service that we use to great effect for FCL and LCL customers exporting from China.

If you need help shipping from Asia into the UK or Ireland, then get in touch

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