Here at TCB Group we have been aware just as everyone else has been of the Covid pandemic. It has effected so many businesses in such a negative way, seeing closures and unemployment starting to soar when it first took off. It was the same story in the freight industry as countries were locking down and restrictions being imposed the industry took the opportunity to have many of their vessels serviced as demand for goods dropped.

Shortly after the first wave of covid, demand soared as economies were slowly opening with a promise never to go back to a full lockdown the same as the first. As restrictions were dropped and then reimposed as time elapsed, the freight industry remained fairly consistent in its day-to-day running’s.

TCB Group always had visions for expansion and growth even in the midst of the pandemic. With the Belfast team first being based in Hurst House and with the level of work increasing along with staffing numbers. The decision was made to move to a new premises in Pilots View. One that was more appropriate for the staffing numbers and gave us an opportunity to grow it further.

The position we now find ourselves in with the last of restrictions easing and a ‘normality’ setting into society, 2022 will be the year for businesses to bounce back. We have noticed an increased number of bookings from current and new customers, which is exciting to see what the future economy will look like given such a strong comeback.

TCB Group will continue in its vision for further expansion. We already have our office hubs in place in Dublin, Liverpool and Singapore. The networks we are involved in give us global coverage which is always beneficial to our customer base. We are always looking at ways to improve those supply lines to ensure our customers and clients supply chain is the most optimized it can be. TCB Group value its position with any firm and not only views itself as a supplier but as an extension to your business operation.