At TCB Group we continually review our processes to ensure that our customers benefit from improved performance remote inventory management. We offer a range of warehousing and fulfillment services from our three hubs in Belfast Liverpool and Singapore.

One of our clients who specialise in the provision of hydraulic spare parts, use our warehousing facilities in Singapore to supply a major client in China.

Situation Analysis

Our client provides equipment to one of their China-based customers with parts that are sourced in China, imported to the UK and re-exported to China.

This ongoing project was causing a number of challenges for our client:

  • Long lead time, typical import transit 35 days and if exported via sea freight then an additional 35 days
  • Inflexible supply chain which was difficult to change without incurring significant expense

Additionally, a longer lead time lead to an excess stock requirement in China and an increasing use of air freight was adding to an already costly shipping modal.

TCB Group shipper team was asked to consider the problem and suggest possible solutions based on their Singapore hub. Requirements for any change had to include:

  • Goods had to be exported from China before being re-imported to Chinese end user
  • End user must never know the original supplier
  • All goods had to be neutralised and original labels removed
  • Lead times to end user must be improved


TCB Group designed an integrated solution using their online warehouse management platform to support a remote stock holding for the client in the TCB Group Singapore Hub.

The Process

  • TCB imported inventory from China
  • Inventory was imported into Singapore under bonded status so that there were no import duties or taxes incurred
  • Inventory was neutralised of all supplier labels
  • Inventory holding could be viewed and managed by the client in the UK
  • The client enters export orders onto the TCB Group online WMS , pick requests are auto-generated to the TCB warehouse team and pick progress can be monitored on the web platform
  • All export orders picked, labelled and sent by sea freight to the end use in China

Benefit / Outcome

Through this process, we were able to deliver:

  • shorter lead times to the end user
  • decrease stock holding and cost
  • online tracking of orders with 24/7 visibility of stock holding
  • a more agile and flexible supply chain

We have managed a stock holding for this client in Singapore for over 5 years. During that time several factors have contributed to the successful collaboration with the client on this project, most importantly listening to our client, understanding their requirements and building a solution that fitted their purposes. Over the last number of years we have invested heavily in IT systems which not only support our business directly but give our clients real-time visibility of their stock and a better understanding of our processes

There have been changes during this time to manage increasing expectations, both of our client and their end user but the core service remains the same and continues to provide benefits to our client and their end user.


‘The service provided by TCB Group through their hub in Singapore dramatically reduced lead-times to our end user which was the main objective of entering into partnership with TCB. This was successfully achieved, with the added benefits of a fully operational WMS where live stocks, order placement, and shipping information are available in real time.  Where communication occurs between our UK site and TCB Singapore, we have a dedicated account manager where the language barrier is non-existent. We are grateful for TCB for firstly suggesting this service which solved an extended service issue we had with our end user and secondly for making this service pain free’

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