Situation Analysis – Remote Storage Solution

Air Liquide (SG) Pte operate a network of air separation plants and production facilities and manage a large network of air separator plants and gas production facilities across Singapore.

They hold spares for all of the plant they manage at several strategically placed storage facilities on the island. Their guidance for each storage facility is:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Must be able to handle all parts including heavy lifts

Their inventory is being held at remote locations from their main installations however they have no online visibility of their stock or ability to manage online

Solution Analysis

TCB Singapore were asked to provide a remote storage solution that incorporated 24/7 operation with online visibility and also differentiated between available and committed stock which was essential given the volume of plant engineer’s that would be viewing the stock. The facility must also be able to provide crane lift facilities for ultra-heavy parts and be able to re-load these within 24 hours’ notice.

TCB Singapore set up a storage facility at their Upper Bukit Timah hub, which had the benefit of crane lifting and central location for all of the clients’ facilities. Through our team, Inventory was managed remotely on the TCB remote platform.

Operationally this meant that:

  • we could Include details of available, reserved and committed inventory
  • parts were able to be called of online by individual plant managers who all had their own log in details
  • All parts numbers and photographs were available online
  • All plant spares were labelled on arrival and distribution was on a first in first out basis
  • TCB Singapore were able to crate and / or vacuum pack parts as requested
  • The UBT facility was available to access 24/7

Benefits / Consequences

There were a number of significant consequences for Air Liquide, which resulted in savings in time, cost and resource:

  • Decreased lead time from part request to dispatch to the engineer
  • Decreased cost of stock holding
  • Online tracking of orders and complete visibility of stock holding
  • More agile and flexible supply chain

TCB Singapore have been providing warehousing, distribution and packing services to Air Liquide for over 7 years. The success of our relationship with them has depended on us providing a flexible solution that developed and changed with our clients requirements. It’s important for us to be able to improve our services organically, taking note of the changing environment but it’s equally important for our supply chain solutions to be sufficiently flexible to manage our client’s expectations of us.

Client Testimonial

“TCB Group has provided Air Liquide Singapore with warehousing, packing and delivery services for over 7 years. Our business requires 24/7 management and fast responses to ensure that our installations are kept running at all times. TCB’s online WMS system provides us with instant visibility of all inventory and their attention to quick response and providing excellent customer service has strengthened our relationship.

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